23 April, 2009

Here is a before pic of the dresser I am doing at present, it was upstairs at the time of the fire and saved. As you can see it still has some good smoke and water damage but nothin I cant fix ;)I'm changing the handles and replacing the pine back paneling with Masonite. Masonite! I hear you say, yes but I plan to cover it with french pattern fabric or wallpaper.

This is the one I am milking although the inside will be painted white. When finished it will be going into our kitchen!

21 April, 2009

Hi all, Just thought I better put something down as I have not been for some time.
Well like everyone else I have been busy and at the moment have the following jobs on.

4x Round tables. One completed but not for sale but the others will be.

A curved glass display cabinet. Restoring and Shabby including fitting Queen Ann legs using a few contrasting colours and a crackle medium.

A Oak dresser. Smoke damaged, restoring and milking. This has such a beautiful grain I did not have the heart to cover it up although I have to seal in any smoke smell. So thought milking would be the best option and then using linseed oil to bring out the grain, then seal it with wax.
This is going into our kitchen and replacing our current pine dresser that will be Shabbied up and sold.

Things are bit slow also because as well as doing these at present I am still working on Vicki's studio including fitting another window.

Oh yeah also I now have to spend some time working on my ute as it failed rego and requires some rust work. sooooooo bit busy. Tring to prioritise things is hard but found by doing a few pieces at once is much more fun.

I will post some more before and after picks of everything latter but may not have one of the oak dresser for some reason although will check the fire pic archive.