28 September, 2011

Repainted 4 seat table

Hi all, yes been a while. Have a few things to go. Today I have a standard white and black round table that has had a fresh coat of paint. Its in desperate need of Shabbying up although I did nit want to spend to much time on it as the top has a slight bend in it. This bend may come out once the top has been bolted onto the base properly. Anyway its a give away for $50 ono !!!

24 May, 2011

Milked dresser

Wow finaly  got to finish the dresser from the shop.
Anyone that went upstairs in onto the Hydrangea Room would have seen it. Unfortunately after the fire we found it had been badly smoked and water damaged, but after lots and lots of time and hard work I have brought it back to life.


It now looks fantastic (if I don't mind saying so myself) I love the milked look although I didn't do it with milk paint. Vicki did buy me some Milk paint powder although I had already started on it with watered down flat acrylic.

The fire did some real surface damage to it, luckily its all solid wood and no man made. The back was pine paneling which I had to take off and throw out because it warped so much with the water and heat.
This is the dresser not long after the fire. You can see the water damage by the white marks and the smoke damage was in everywhere including inside the draws.

So from here it was water blasted and dried then disassembled including removing the glass, knobs, backing, doors ext. Everything was sanded then sanded and then sanded. I then applied the watered down home made milk paint. Then yes more sanding, sanding and sanding till I got this finish. I then applied straight boil linseed oil, let that dry for a few days then about 4 coats if bees wax with steel wool and then cloth.

Looking at now it was worth it ...and it does look better in real life, the image doesn't justify it.

Sorry but this one is't for sale but as a guess a solid heavy timber dresser like this would retail for around $2000 but one milked and displayed like this would be around the 3 mark I think.

Next few weeks will have the table finished that I had posted last. It would have already been finished although I changed the base colour a few times.

05 April, 2011

Country cottage dinning table

Hi all!
Wow doesn't time fly, I have been working on this small dinning table for some time now and its nearly finished.
It's made from solid pine and is very sturdy. I have rubbed it back and created a milked look for the top.
This was done using watered down white paint and lots of sanding. Thanks god for belt sanders eh!
I then have applied two coats of Cabots clear in satin to protect it.

The base is another story, I first rubbed it back and painted it a green colour but didn't like it so I am now changing it to a cream colour in flat white enamel. I just have to find some tint to get the right cream I'm after.

What do you think so far?

It will be for sale although i think Lucinda had dibs on it? I will post it finished soon ... I hope.

08 March, 2011

Little shabby table

The little shabby table is still for sale if anyone is interested.
Now only $20!
It has to go we need the space.

27 February, 2011

Small table

Hi again,

We have for sale this small Shabby tiled table if your interested.
It measures 47x57cm and 48cm high.

This is a fantastic looking table which is very stable and solid.
Unfortunately I can take credit for this as I only distressed it, Vicki
done the work mostly on this one. Clever isn't she.

The price is $35 although I have it listed on ebey (listing number 110654610709)
starting at $25!!

I'm back with table for sale

Hi all,

Wow I thought it had been a while but not nearly two years.. yeah two years.

I stopped doing the furniture basically because of lack of time after recommencing
full time work. Now I seem to have found a new interest and energy to do it again, continue my
blog and social networking. I wont be doing as much as before although will be finishing of and updating the pieces that I previously advised I was going to do.

I will be putting more on ebey also as well as posting them for sale.. So be quick if your interested in a piece. I will also be listing some chairs and things that I'm not going to have a chance to start and basically am more interested in doing other things.

As well as doing pieces I am doing renovations on the house and will post some pics.

Note previously I was operating Shabbily Restored as a business, unfortunately i will not be able to offer this anymore due to time, although could do the odd small job.

Check out the table coming up!!