27 February, 2011

I'm back with table for sale

Hi all,

Wow I thought it had been a while but not nearly two years.. yeah two years.

I stopped doing the furniture basically because of lack of time after recommencing
full time work. Now I seem to have found a new interest and energy to do it again, continue my
blog and social networking. I wont be doing as much as before although will be finishing of and updating the pieces that I previously advised I was going to do.

I will be putting more on ebey also as well as posting them for sale.. So be quick if your interested in a piece. I will also be listing some chairs and things that I'm not going to have a chance to start and basically am more interested in doing other things.

As well as doing pieces I am doing renovations on the house and will post some pics.

Note previously I was operating Shabbily Restored as a business, unfortunately i will not be able to offer this anymore due to time, although could do the odd small job.

Check out the table coming up!!

1 comment:

  1. Good to see you back Dave! Wow 2 years, surely not?!?!? Anyhow I know what you mean about taking a break & then seeing things with fresh eyes. I'll be back to see what you have been weaving your magic on!