29 May, 2009

The round table that I posted way back in April is finished YA! Lucinda and Tony came down picked it up and it now resides in their shop The Hume Cottage for sale.
Doesn't it look great in the shop!

Below is the latest finished project. Its a small kitchen table that I have especially got for Lucinda and her shop as she has just sold her one.

Following this I have a job on for and extension table and six chairs for a customer which should take me a couple of weeks. Then it will be onto the curved glass display case which I also posted back in April.
One thing I did notice about this is on closer inspection it looks like a hutch and not a free standing display case, so I'm having second thoughts about fitting the Queen Anne legs and thinking of leaving it as a hutch. It will look great sitting on someones shabby side board or similar, I may even see if I can pick up one for it so I can match the paint style.
I don't have any pics but the Oak dresser which is also nearly finished, I have given it a Milk type finish and then linseed oiled it which has brought out the grain beautifully. Now all I need it some toile in fabric or even printed paper to finish it off.

Job update

Hi again, as promised this is my update on what I have been doing.

Well I started on the the latest jobs I had posted but got a major sidetrack when we realised that for Vicki to her work she needs a proper work area.
So we cleaned out the garage next to the Bear Room and laid some carpet only to discover that there definitely was not enough light and we needed a mayor size window put in.

So here are the before and after shots of the window!
As you can see I had to rebuild the whole wall which took me some time.