29 May, 2009

Job update

Hi again, as promised this is my update on what I have been doing.

Well I started on the the latest jobs I had posted but got a major sidetrack when we realised that for Vicki to her work she needs a proper work area.
So we cleaned out the garage next to the Bear Room and laid some carpet only to discover that there definitely was not enough light and we needed a mayor size window put in.

So here are the before and after shots of the window!
As you can see I had to rebuild the whole wall which took me some time.


  1. I'm so proud of you... you make me laugh you show off... hahah your a classic and I love you dearly.. the room will be a huge difference to working and having a place for Lily xxx

  2. Hi David,
    Great job!
    It makes such a difference in there. Nice & light & airy.

  3. Hi David, your blog is great, you do lovely work, even though your spelling is not the best. I love you heaps, mom