24 February, 2009

I found some of Vicki's past creations that she has done.

Although this looks like one of those lamps you would buy in old shop Vicki actual made this from scratch.

It was used in our shop for a long time in the window and was lit at night.
Then one day just before the fire Vicki brought it home, which was very lucky as it would have ruined by the smoke and soot.

We had many inquires to buy it while it was in the shop and to have them made up although Vicki never had the then to do them at the time.

This little fellow below is one of Vicki's many bear creations, some of them were from patterns by other people although most of them were totally Vicki originals. I will find some more pics or take some more pics of things we have around the house and post them latter.


  1. Thanks for sharing these pics with us. Yep that girl of yours is VERY clever. I loved those coat hangers that she did. Keep the pics comming!
    Sarah xxx

  2. Wow I loooove the lamp.Was'nt it lucky that Vicki took it home in the nick if time.Keep it coming, we want to see more!!!

  3. I have some more pics to dig out , some I may have to scan. I know she took pics of all the coat hangers she made which were really nice.

    I love the lamp, she should do more of them for sure!