19 March, 2009

Latest piece

Hi all,

Finally finished the chest of draws ... yeah yeah I know I said a week before but things happen and more things happen then you have to go here then there... then the week has gone.

Here it is!

Tell me what you think?

It didn't turn out exactly the way I wanted as I had to use a paint I was not used to.

It was painted in enamel and I prefer to use acrylic, so ended up using a mat white enamel but it didn't do exactly what I wanted but I'm still really happy with it anyway.

Originally the draws were painted black, this created the problem of when I rubbed it back and shabbied it up it would have brought the black through. So I stripped all the black off and started again with an enamel primer before the top coat.

Lacindas humecottage crystal door handles look fantastic and tie in nice with the Queen Anne legs and pink girly draw liners.

This one is for sale at $120

These are my next projects a nice solid round table.

Then my biggest challenge yet 6 ornate French Chateau style chairs.


  1. Go Homie go Homie!! I'm so proud of you... your very clever and I can't wait to help ya with those chairs....
    love you for longer than forever xxxx

  2. Wow the chest turned out fab! Love it !
    Would look lovely in a little girls room or even in a big girls room.
    Very clever,cant wait to see the table and the chairs.