20 March, 2009

More pics

Vicki decided that she would dress the chest of draws to see how it would look in our house... "No you cant have this one dear ... we have no room" hahaha

Thanks for the nice comments i appreciate them guys!

Also I wanted to add, I again used bees wax as a sealer on this piece .
Can someone tell me how I can load these pictures so they enlarge when you click on them?
Its driving me mad!!
I already have started the next piece, I have sanded down the base of the table and its come up really nice. I plan to paint this all white and shabby, the next couple of tables I do I'm thinking of using a different colour than the normal white used on French Provincial Shabby Chic furniture.
All you Shabby and furniture people out there are probably already aware but did you know that traditional French Provincial furniture is somewhat different to how we know of French Provincial furniture being?
I will post some pics, although all white shabby furniture is rare and most traditional decorative country pieces are either a very shabby coloured piece or are aged raw timber.
To this I have some really good ideas up my sleeve for future projects using colour aging and decoration depending on the piece.


  1. Hey David,
    You rock! This piece turned out just stunning!!!
    I have encountered the same thing when you upload pics onto your own blog they won't enlarge, but when someone else logs onto your blog they should be able to view them larger, try looking at them when Vicki is logged on through her blog & see if the go bigger when you click on them through hers, otherwise I have nothing!!!

  2. Thanks Sarah, I got Vicki to try but still no go.. I did find out that I you move the image after you upload them it causes some link to break and then the pic wont expand....???